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Встреча ICC Нидерланды-Россия

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13.06.2017 09:19

Дорогие друзья,


ICC Нидерланды-Россия приглашают ротарианцев принять участие в программе, приуроченной к большой сельскохозяйственной ярмарке , которая пройдет С 13-16 сентября в Фриволанде, Голландии .

Приглашаются ротарианцы и все заинтересованные в установлении и развитии отношений в области производства сельскохозяйственной продукции.






Wednesday 13 September 2017 - Saturday 16 September 2017

Province of Flevoland

Zwolle – Emmeloord – Luttelgeest – Urk – Lelystad

The Netherlands



In the framework of the activities of the Rotary ICC The Netherlands-Russian Federation the Dutch ICC Working Group organizes a visit to the Dutch province of Flevoland (in the central part of the Netherlands) in the period Wednesday 13 September (arrival) to Saturday 16 September (departure) 2017.

Flevoland is the ´most recent´ province of The Netherlands. The province has been ‘impoldered’ (reclaimed out of water) in the course of the last century. It is a dynamic area, nice to live in and with a typically rural landscape. As to its economy, the region is characterised by agricultural, fishery and horticultural activities. It is a very dynamic environment!

The Dutch ICC Working Group offers the Russian partners a programme characterised by fellowship and social-cultural activities. However, also substantive elements –closely related to the economic activities mentioned- will be included in the programme, such as: potatoes, agricultural machinery, grasses/seeds, food for cattle, flowers and fishery.

Russian entrepreneurs (whether or not Rotarians) whose business activities are related to the production/distribution of potatoes, machinery, grasses/seeds, food for cattle, flowers and/or fisheries, and who are interested in establishing business cooperation with their Dutch counterparts, will have such an opportunity.

Accommodation will be arranged in hotel Van der Valk in Zwolle, situated in the province of Overijssel, not far from Flevoland. Zwolle is a beautiful mediaeval commercial city.

According to the established tradition, all participants pay their own travel and accommodation costs, and other expenses.


Contact person in the Russian Federation:

Yuri Nesterov

RC St Petersburg Neva

Russian coordinator ICC Russian Federation-The Netherlands

Email: ymnesterov@gmail.com


Contact person in The Netherlands:

Jaap de Zwaan

RC The Hague-East

Dutch coordinator ICC The Netherlands-Russian Federation

Email: dezwaan@law.eur.nl